Terms & Conditions

All member benefits in the Blue phase are free, and members must follow the conditions to maintain the minimum active membership. If a member violates any term, a notice will be sent to the member in this regard, and if the member does not comply with the changes, the member will receive the letter of cancellation and the member's privileges will be suspended and if the member continues to use the services and privileges of the TLPAC membership, he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Terms for Institutions:

The institutions must prepare the membership form in order to activate the benefits and become effective. This form may be submitted by our representative, fax or e-mail and TLPAC will issue the membership certificate after receiving the membership application.

Institutions that have expired membership, will not have the right to use our services and privileges, and members who did not renew their membership before the expiry date, they will have to re-apply for a new application for membership and re-application does not guarantee firm consent under any circumstances.

TLPAC reserves the right to include or not to include the names of members on the certificates of successful students after the cancellation of the membership and we will have the right if we think it is necessary.

TLPAC has the right to retain or modify all non-members' names from its website to a former member if members do not wish to continue membership.

Members shall cease to use the name, logo and advertisements of TLPAC after the expiry of their membership.

Once the application has been signed, membership shall become binding and uninterrupted for one year from the date of signature of the documents and TLPAC has the right to cancel the membership at any time if the Membership Committee considers that the decision is appropriate.

Upon termination of membership, all privileges shall be immediately canceled and TLPAC may grant them again or suspend them.

All information recorded on our servers of student information, cost and data of member institutions and any other information is owned by TLPAC and we will use it in the exchange of commercial information based on the advantages granted to all.

Terms for Individuals:

Students will not be reimbursed, but the student has the right to re-test if the conditions are available for that.

The student will be granted a guarantee of re - test only and will be recorded in the student 's account.

Individuals who do not meet the requirements for success will be required to re-take the test and the necessary facilities will be made available with the Center of the student’s first test.


Cash refunds will not be issued. The refunds will be given as test credit and emergency evidence must be provided.

Students who suffer from electric or technical issues will be allowed to retake the test at the same location as the first test was taken.

Students that have issues while taking their test must report the problems to the administrative team that is issuing the test at their location.

Complains after the test has been completed will need to be discussed with our administrative support team via email by clicking here.