Become a TLPAC Franchiser

TLPAC is currently expanding its presence in the Middle East and looking for individuals who are ready to make the change and become part of TLPAC.

TLPAC has a record of success in the United States because of that we can help individuals interested in franchising with the right tools to make their dream of being business owners a reality.

TLPAC is recognized in the United States as a standard for educational organizations. Our brand can help the franchisers with an unparalleled background that will make their educational facility one of the best in their area.

TLPAC not only lets its franchisee’s use the name but also trains the teachers in the franchisees offices to ensure the quality of service is at its highest level all times. Teachers will benefit from this as they will become better educational professionals and pass this knowledge to their students.

Marketing assistance will also be provided to the franchisees at the discretion of TLPAC. This help is not limited to brochures, pamphlets, newspaper announcement, social media collaborations and media distribution.

These are some of the reason why franchising with TLPAC is the right choice for those individuals looking to start their own business or expand their current one.