TLPAC is working on improving english education around the world

TLPAC's priority is the success of the students

TLPAC is dedicated to the improvement of english language around the world by certifing institutions that meet the TLPAC requirements.

TLPAC's work is not limited to working with organizations directly but also wants to improve the resources that teachers of english a second language have to help their students. […]

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United Arab Emirates
Direct English
Al Khaleej
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Krishna Pulepa
Ashley Smith
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Jennifer Carson
"I couldn't be happier working with TLPAC they really care about the well being of their members and the students, Ihab has been a great mentor in every step of the way"
C. Willingham
Franchiser in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Latest News
  • New office opens in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    TLPAC is proud to announce the inauguration of our new office in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia we are excited to have the support of some of the most important education representatives in the city[…]

  • New office opens in Malaysia

    It has been an honor to work with the government of Kuala Lumpur in allowing TLPAC to open its offices and be recognized as an education organization working to improve the English education while addressing other underlying issues[…]

  • New office opens in Cairo, Egypt

    It has been a few months since we began the idea of opening a new office in Cairo and today we are proud to announce that the office has been opened and will be operational immediately. This office will be a hub for organizations and educators from all of Egypt.[…]